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Choosing the right car insurance can be as difficult as choosing the right car. But with Alka’s car insurance you need look no further. Here you get a cheap priced car insurance that fits your needs. A cheap car insurance is something you can notice on the budget.

Alka has two types of car insurance.

3rd party car insurance
The 3rd party car insurance (Danish: Ansvarsforsikring) is required by law. The 3rd party insurance only covers the damages your car can cause to others or their property. A 3rd party insurance does not cover any damage to your own car or yourself.

Comprehensive car insurance
The comprehensive car insurance (Danish: Kaskoforsikring) is not a legal requirement, but it is the level of cover that most people choose. With comprehensive cover, damages to your own car, as well as theft, is also covered. The comprehensive cover therefore provides you financial security in the event that something happens to your car.

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3 good reasons for choosing Alka car insurance

  • Courtesy car without any cost

    If you have chosen Alka comphrehensive car insurance coverage with free repair shop choice, you can get a courtesy car while your own car is being repaired. To use this service you must choose one of our collaborative repair shops (Danish: fordelsværksted).

  • Best in test

    Alkas car insurance has been elected as the best car insurance among 16 insurance companies in October 2019. See the test here (in Danish)

  • Monthly payment 

    You can choose to pay monthly instead of annually